Losing a loved one is hard.


Grief can feel like your drowning in sorrow and can  

      stop our lives from moving forward.

 Over time, family and friends get bored of hearing     about your loss. They sruggle to find the right words to comfort you.    

  But Grief has no time limit. Comfort isnt what you seek.

 You are missing your loved one. Too love, truly love someone is also about missing them.

 Accepting death and the loss of your loved one is difficult.

 Many questions are sought.

 Why now?

 How do I cope?

 Can I still connect with them?

 How long will I feel ike this?

 We all grieve at different rates and diferent ways.


I can give you the space to feel, accept how your feeling and help you too see a future. While still honouring their memory.