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By shirley hicks, Apr 26 2017 01:57PM

Counselling is a safe space for a person to talk confidentially about anything that is troubling them.

I offer a safe space for anyone to talk, I listen and help them to understand their world. Over time with the correct conditions, the said person starts to gain in self esteem and challenge their relationships untill they are happier with them.

By shirley hicks, Apr 10 2017 11:23AM

Trust requires you being open to your vulnerability. Open to recieve love. But its is hard to trust when someone ahs broken yours.

By shirley hicks, Mar 24 2017 03:33PM

So, how do you feel about your job? Are you stressed at work? Can you enjoy it? If not why not?

Do you love Mondays? Hate the shifts? I s it time to make a change to suit and enjoy your life a little more.

More me time. You are worth it.

By shirley hicks, Mar 13 2017 01:49PM

Thinking about writing a blog for my site? Would need to be semi professional. Hold that thought...

By guest, Apr 20 2012 12:19PM

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