Life is short. We need to be in a relationship which is satisfing,

 changes with life`s challenges.

 Is your relationship worth fighting for?

 Do you both compromise for each other?

 Are your needs being meet?

 Do you feel loved? adored? cheerished? No, why not?

 Relationships are about communication, trust and honesty.        

 We can fall into negative patterns, of whinning, complaining,  

  putting our partner down?

 Are you doing all the work?

 I can give you space to explore your relationship.

 I can help you make what changes are needed for you to move


 I can help you with any relationship you are struggling with.  


 Couple Counselling is about you both working together to work  

   on your relationship.


 I can help you to look at yourself and your relationships, to

  explore why they arent working for you.