Relationships are about communication, trust and honesty. We can get into negative patterns, like name calling, whinning, ignoring, etc. I can give you space to explore your relationship. I can help you make what changes are needed for you to move forward with it.

I can help you with any relationship you are struggling with. From parents, children, teenagers, siblings, partner, and friendship. Work relationships or personal. We all have to mix in society with strangers, work colleagues, family, neighbours etc. Clashes of personalities, stubbornness, communciation, there are lots of reason why relationships can be a struggle.

I can help you to look at yourself and your relationships, to explore why they arent working well for you.

We now have the internet with dating sites, social medias, frienship requests and internet stalking, it can be very daunting. I can help you explore your boundaries with all the new and exciting ways too meet people.