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By shirley hicks, Jul 22 2019 12:24PM

Stress is when I feel out of control, in my enviroment and mind. I feel very fustrated and so confused. Why is sometjhing which you should be so simplke, always turn out to be so time consuming and hard to understand. Nothing seems to destress me. I have to walk away from the very thing that is stressing me, to get some space to clear my head.

By shirley hicks, Mar 19 2018 02:34PM

Can have many reasons why we over eat. It tastes good, so, for pleasure. Stress relief, it great at taking the immediate stress away. Emotions, it stuff all those difficult emotions back down in the gut. Where we dont have to feel them.

Trouble is, this is setting bad habits/patterns for our physical health and our way of coping.

For pleasure you could buy clothes, save for a holiday. Something that gives you pleasure.

Meditaion or walking can clear your head of stress - relief.

To feel your emotions, be it privately or with a trusted friend.

This all takes time and self control. Are you ready to change?

By shirley hicks, Apr 26 2017 01:57PM

Counselling is a safe space for a person to talk confidentially about anything that is troubling them.

I offer a safe space for anyone to talk, I listen and help them to understand their world. Over time with the correct conditions, the said person starts to gain in self esteem and challenge their relationships untill they are happier with them.

By shirley hicks, Apr 10 2017 11:23AM

Trust requires you being open to your vulnerability. Open to recieve love. But its is hard to trust when someone ahs broken yours.

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